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Our mission is to realise the industrial potential
of cassava in Nigeria and in doing so lift people out of poverty.

Kasavex aims to provide the market with consistent technology transfer required to increase Cassava yield as well as total acreage of land under cultivation. We believe in aggregating smallholders into larger farms, and where applicable increasing the acreage of land under cultivation. These larger farms will be supported by Kasavex to attain their full potential.

We understand the Cassava business, its intricacies and value chain. We are passionate about food security, poverty alleviation and dignity of labour. We are motivated to contribute our quota in expanding the agricultural capacity of Nigeria and in deploying first class manufacturing infrastructure and best practices. With the calibre of the technical partners at our disposal, we will ensure that we deliver products that conform to the highest international standards and customer satisfaction. We are also passionate about the environment and this will inform the mode by which we deliver our products and services. Fair trade, corporate governance, sound ethical and socially responsible practices will underpin our enterprise.