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Kasavex’s mission is to realise the industrial potential of cassava in Nigeria and in doing so lift people out of poverty.   Nigeria is the largest grower of Cassava roots in the world, however it hardly taps into the industrial potential of this root crop.
The global production of native starch from various crop sources reached 77.4 million metric tons per annum in 2013, and cassava starch constituted 6.2 million tons. Asia is the world largest producer of cassava starch and account for 80% of the global total. Thailand and Indonesia represented 50% of cassava starch production from this region.

Even though Nigeria is the largest grower of cassava roots in the world, however, Nigeria does not feature on any cassava starch production statistics.
Kasavex hereby wishes to address this by launching Project Oya which aims to create a modern cassava starch processing plant to supply the local and regional market. The project will implement practical solutions to address the reasons why cassava starch production has not taken very successful in Nigeria.
Project Oya aims to build a 4 tons per hour (100,000 tons per annum) cassava starch processing plant within the south west region of Nigeria.
Project Oya is a turn-key start-up project.
Cassava roots, which is the main raw material used, and which usually accounts for between 60% to 75% of production costs will be sourced from dedicated cassava plantations owned and managed by the project.
Project Oya will produce Native Starch while there remains a scope to go further down the Cassava processing value chain.

Our Processing Framework