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International Starch Institute (ISI), Denmark

ISI are our technical partner for the cassava starch processing plant. They have designed and estimated (from manufacture to commission) a 4-tons-per-hour cassava starch processing plant. They have been active within the global starch industry for over half a century and have developed and commissioned a number of starch plants in Africa.

Niji farms (Niji group), Nigeria

Nijifarm is a 5000-acre cassava plantation (still growing) with associated processing plant which produces a variety of cassava food ingredients for both the local and international market. At Nijifarm, they plant cassava stems and harvest tubers on a daily basis, with a well-defined process and procedures to improve yield and efficiency. This methodology of continuous planting and harvesting is what will be employed at Kasavex to guarantee the availability of raw materials to the processing plant. Nijifarm will provide us with the know-how for large-scale farming and cassava stems of the appropriate variety to cultivate.

Global Water Engineering (GWE), Belgium

GWE is a Belgium-based company with global operations which focuses on waste-to-energy treatment plants. GWE has been active within this industry for over 30 years and has over 40 cassava waste-to-energy reference sites in Asia. They have also worked with waste produced by machines from ISI and have already designed and estimated cost for the appropriate treatment plant for the proposed Kasavex running capacity.
Niji farms (Niji group), Nigeria

Fibonacci Investment Consultants Limited

Fibonacci Investment Consultants Ltd (FIC) is a registered independent multi strategy investment advisory firm, offering financing and capital raising solutions and investment advisory, with a special focus on Sub Saharan Africa. The team is based in London, with a presence in Nigeria.

Nohills Environmental Limited

Nohills are providers of environmental services in Nigeria. They are involved in the protection of the environment and public health through provision of waste management solutions, urban regeneration, recycling and resource recovery.

They also offer environmental consultancy services (EIA, EAR, PIA, SIA, HIA, ERA, EERs and so on) and also market environmentally friendly products. Nohills is constantly looking for better ways to add value in the environmental sphere particularly in Africa where there is so much scope for progress. Clients include IHS Africa Plc, Globacom, Friesland Campina (WAMCO), Cadbury, Guinness, Airtel, SGS, GTBank to mention a few.